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I’m a mental health writer and advocate specializing in articles and grant proposals. I’m also a regular contributor to The Official Mental Health Awareness Project and Absolute Advocacy, as well as other mental health publications.

I also have my BA in English from the University of Illinois at Springfield, and a Grant Writing Certification from Western Carolina University.

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Do Mental Illnesses Need To Be Medicated? - Absolute Advocacy

Depending on the diagnosis, you and your care team might consider lifestyle changes, therapy, and/or medication. But medication for your mental illness can be complicated. Here’s what you need to know.

What the Hell Is Wrong with Self-Help Books? - PsychReg

Self-help books for mental illness have been so effective, they’re now part of the standard care plan for mental health in Wales. We need to stop turning up our noses and start using these resources, particularly for those with limited financial resources or long wait times.

8 Things to Say To Your Mentally Ill Friends - Treat Yo Brain

We can’t be counselors for our mentally ill friends. We can’t be around for them 24/7. But when someone trusts you enough to place this burden in your hands, you need to know what to do with it. 

Taking the Lead with Your Mentally Ill Friends - Medium

When I am depressed and scared, I do not know how to type, “I want to die.” 

Effects of Trauma on Children - Absolute Advocacy

Abuse, neglect, and exposure to unhealthy conditions in the home are the reality for too many of our children. And too often, the adults in their lives respond with unhelpful diagnoses and ineffective support which leaves them vulnerable to future problems.

Self-Therapy Can Relieve Depression & Anxiety - MHAP

So many people are struggling to afford traditional therapy under our flawed system of health insurance. If that’s you, why not give self-therapy a try?

Mooditude App, Content Management

Content management for mental health app Mooditude, based on the principles of CBT. Connecting with other content developers to add new features to the app.

Stories of Hope with Jayc, Episode 5

Jayc Martin and Valarie discuss mental health advocacy and writing, dysthymia, different forms of stigma, and mental health communities on social media.

Human Bean (TBA)

Coming soon, Valarie talks to Anneli Roberts about mental health treatment by hospitals and insurance companies.  

Alla Reese, McGraw-Hill Education

“Valarie is a creative and strategic thinker, and is highly organized. She excels at timely and effective communication and displays excellent judgement. I recommend her wholeheartedly for content development work.”

Morris Green, Absolute Advocacy

“Will definitely love to work with Valarie again. Her writing, communication, and attention to detail are top notch.”

Rachel Rene, Columbus Unite

“Valarie did such a phenomenal job. Communication about what I wanted and needed was easy and she always understood what I was trying to go for and accomplish. I look forward to working with Valarie on future projects as well.”

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