Mental Illness

Although I have probably had depression from a very young age, I was diagnosed with depression and GAD in 2013. I have also spoken to doctors about the possibility of social anxiety and bipolar, but these have not been confirmed.

I have used self-help resources in my journey toward wellness. I’m still not there yet, but they have been a massive help for me, since I can’t afford therapy. I also use medication to manage my mental illness, which keeps me mostly functional.


I started copywriting in 2013. This quickly led me into learning SEO to maximize conversions. I follow the latest SEO updates from gurus like Brian Dean and Jon Morrow.

I also started uploading my web content into CMSs like WordPress, and using Yoast SEO to add meta titles and descriptions. This led me to learning WordPress web development for my own projects, which also led me to hosting (and securing) my own cloud server with Digital Ocean. If you’re interested in that, you can view my portfolio here.

This Site

I started this site in 2019. Turns out I have a lot to say about mental illness, and I’m constantly writing and brainstorming new ideas.

I am not currently accepting guest posts on my blog, but if you’re looking for writers to guest post for you, please contact me. I’ll share a link to the post on my portfolio, so you’ll earn a backlink in the process. Win-win!

If you’re struggling with mental illness, you can get better – I promise. Be kind to yourself, but you don’t have to let your mental illness control you.

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